Monitor Refresh Rate Stuck at 60Hz – How to Fix It?

by M. Smith

Are you using a 144hz Monitor but refresh rate stuck at 60Hz? Sometimes people ask me “why is my 144hz monitor running at 60hz”? First, we have to understand what is 144hz or 60hz. Hz or Hertz is a frequency rate, and it tells how much time a monitor takes to show a new picture on the monitor screen.

If it is a 60hz or 144hz monitor, it refreshes 60/114 times per second to display a picture. For gaming, the higher refresh rate is always good. If you see that your monitor refresh rate is stuck as 60Hz, but it is a 144hz monitor, there might be quite a few issues running. Let’s see why is a 144hz monitor running at 60hz and how to fix it.

Monitor Refresh Rate Stuck at 60Hz? Why & How to Fix

It’s harrowing when seeing my monitor frequency rate stuck as 60hz, but my monitor has 144hz. Don’t worry; just you need to know the reason and how to solve it. We try to help you to fix this issue quickly in below:

Why is My Monitor Refresh Rate Stuck at 60Hz?

Before solving this problem, you need to find out the reason. So I will explain a few factors which might be caused to stuck your monitor at 60hz. Moreover, if don’t have any 144Hz monitor for playing games like Overwatch, you can buy the best one from here.

Also, you should check these things too:

  • Graphics driver might not have been upgraded yet.
  • Check the plugs that are connected accurately. You can unplug the plugs and plug them again.
  • The game downloaded might have its graphic settings. Then change the settings manually and make them compatible with the screen.
  • If you’re already using an old graphics card or GPU, it cannot support a higher refresh rate.
  • The monitor also has a higher resolution. Check it on your settings option to see and select the highest resolution if it is available. The lower the resolution, the lower the refreshing rate of the monitor.

Monitor Refresh Rate Stuck at 60Hz

Cable Connection:

Sometimes the problem depends on the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) cable’s quality. Most of the time, old DVI cables cannot support the high refresh rate. So, it is time to change the old DVI cable and replace it with a new one.

But it isn’t straightforward to choose the perfect DVI cable for new users. So, consider the cables that are provided with monitors. However, this solution may not work all time. Then one must buy the right cable for monitors to work properly. Here you can buy a new DVI cable at cheap price.

Update of Windows:

Some experts think it is the update of Windows that might cause a low-frequency rate. Sometimes the update suggestion needs to be postponed. And some need to be updated soon. You can delay the update if you have proper control of your update option. For that, you need to follow the below procedure:

  • Firstly go to the option of Settings.
  • Look for the Update & Security option.
  • Select the Windows Update and then select Schedule to Restart.

This will delay the update for seven days, and in the meantime, you can update other software. This way, one can maintain the frequency rate.

To connect your Xbox one to a monitor, you can read our guideline from here.

How To Fix Monitor Frequency Rate?

You know that 144hz is one of the highest frequency rates to run everything correctly. There are a few factors responsible for not working on the exact point. Moreover, this can be fixed by a user and doesn’t need any expert.

So, we have provided the solution below. Hopefully, that might answer Why Is My 144hz Monitor Running At 60hz.

why is 144hz monitor running at 60hz

Check Display Settings:

Whether it is PC or Macbook, the monitor refresh frequency setting will be found in display settings. In the display option, one can find the Hertz rate of their monitor. So, first, check what the frequency rate of your monitor is.

If it is 144hz, it should be run at 144hz. But if it is not running at the expected rate, you may need a new Digital Visual Interface (DVI) cable. So, it would be best if you had a new DVI) cable and just reconnect again. I hope you will get a 144hz refresh rate from your monitor.

Switch Monitor To 144hz:

Some users don’t know that they actually have 144hz, but their monitors work at 60hz. So, the changes have to be made in settings. The fixing of 144hz in the monitor is given below for Windows 10.

  • First, go to the option of Settings and select System.
  • Then search the Display option and click on the option. You may find that top of the left side.
  • Now search the Advanced Display option. It may be below the appeared page under the Display option.
  • Click on that, and you may see the Display Adapter Option below the popped up page.
  • Click on the option, and a new window will appear. Select monitor to choose the right Hertz. Select 144hz and click apply.
  • That’s it! Now your monitor will run at the correct frequency.

But how about you not using Windows 10? Well, the process is provided for other Windows users also:

  • Go to the home page or desktop of your computer and right click your mouse.
  • Select the Screen Resolution from the below third.
  • A window will pop up and select Advanced Settings. You may find that on the below of the page. Tab on OK.
  • Then the rest of the process is as Windows 10. Click on the monitor and select 144hz.
  • Here you go! You have fixed it successfully.

Here is a video tutorial for solving this problem.


The 60hz or 144hz depends on the load of work, but both are manageable. If your work is limited to only browsing online, 60hz is OK. But for gaming, the 144hz monitor must be needed. Now you know why is my 144hz monitor running at 60hz and how to solve it. We expect that many will find their solution in the above discussion.

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