HP 27es Review [2021]: A True Budget King or Not?

by M. Smith

HP 27er/27es is quite low on the budget but did its creator do justice while adding specific features to it? Well, we shall find out the answer to this very question in our guide of HP 27es review.

HP released some models in the last few years like 27es, 27ea, and 27er. These monitors are same; just HP upgrade with new features. Here, we’ll break through all the astonishing characteristics that this particular monitor holds. And we’ll have a run-through whether it’s a good addition or not.

Plus, we promise to be neutral here so that you can get an honest review. Later on, you can be the judge on the fact of whether this product is worth buying or not.

Sounds good? Alright then, let’s get things started-

HP 27es/27er Monitor: At a Glance

Are you looking for a budget-friendly monitor? Well, HP 27er is one of the best monitors under 300 dollars, and it’s perfect for home or office works. Let’s see what features are available in this monitor.

hp 27er review
Display Size: 27 inches FHD
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 7ms
Panel Type: IPS
Pixel Density: 0.311 mm, 82 PPI
Color Gamut: 72% sRGB
Contrast ratio: 1000:1 static; 10000000:1 dynamic
Brightness & Aspect Ratio: 250 cd/m² ; 16:9
Sync Support: No
Connections: 1 VGA; 2 HDMI (with HDCP support)
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Benefits You Reap from HP 27es Monitors

Are you still around? This must mean that the gist of features was not enough to fill your hunger. But fret not; we have much more info to dig into. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the review of the HP 27er. And yes, we will keep it unbiased.


HP 27es

HP 27es comes with a bezel-less frame, and eye-catching design that provides a seamless multi-monitor setup with 3 sided narrow bezels. If you have the plan to use a multi-monitor setup, you can choose this one without any hesitation.

The design is ergonomic; thus, it won’t eat away all your space on the desk. Which means you’ll get a lot more free space to put your stationary and all on the table. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? With HP’s thinnest LCD display and sleek design, it can be easy mounting and moving.

The frame is also super light, so you won’t have any problem while placing it on the desk. This might sound like a good deal, but you should be aware that it also indicates that the support doesn’t have much strength.


Already told you that this monitor has a thin display, which makes it very stylish. Even the borders are thin; thus, they make the entire thing look relatively modern. Plus, the monitor has a bezel-free frame. So, you get to enjoy a frameless monitor with zero distractions. So, stuff like stickers or useless buttons won’t be hogging up space.

What pops on your mind when you think about picture quality? Well, for us, it’s color quality. Thus we have to talk about color contrast ratio. To be specific, it’s quite high since the ratio is 5,000,000:1. To be honest, it’s more than average, but there are monitors with a higher contrast ratio in the market. But from this monitor, you can expect a high-quality image even when the picture is in black and white.

Moreover, the colors will look brighter and more immersive. If you’re planning to work on a monitor for designing purposes, you can definitely go for this one. This monitor’s refresh rate is only 60Hz which is not suitable for gaming, but it’s a budget monitor. Also, response time is high (7ms). With thin display, 60Hz refresh rate, it’s a great monitor for any works.

Panoramic Viewing

HP 27 series

One more thing that we’ll like to point out is the display quality of the monitor when you tend to rotate it. Let’s say you want to rotate it horizontally or vertically. There are bound to be some changes, right? So, let’s address them-

When you tend to move the monitor horizontally, you can expect a good amount of color quality. However, it’ll surely drop when you move the monitor away from its center. With that being said, it’ll remain daily acceptable up to 47 degrees. But after the quality declines rapidly, it’ll become next to impossible to distinguish between the colors.

But if you don’t move your monitor that much, this probably won’t bother you at all. On the other hand, the vertical viewing angle is quite good, comparatively to its horizontal viewing angle. To be more specific, the color quality stays fairly good till 27 degrees.

However, after that, the brightness drops, and the pictures become too saturated. But here’s the catch people don’t tend to tilt the monitor that much, So, it shouldn’t really matter, but it’s a good thing to be aware of. Don’t you think?


HP 27er Review

Moving on, you should also note that this monitor comes with 1 VGA and 2 HDMI input systems. Meaning you’ll be able to plug in your Blue rays or other stuff. It would be good if this monitor comes with DisplayPort and USB Port.

However, there are some limitations. Like you cannot pass audio through this monitor. Hence, you’ll have to resort to external speakers for listening to the audio.

Other Features

Another thing that we’ll like to talk about is the reflection of the monitor. A lot of people want to dazzle up their room with bright lights and some great chandeliers. So, it’s natural to wonder about the reflection of the monitor in a bright room. And to your good news, the HP 27es can tackle this problem quite efficiently.

It only shows 4.4% of total reflection and 3.7% of indirect reflection. Hence, it’s good news. All these numbers indicate that the monitor won’t turn into a mirror in a room full of light. Thus you can set it up in a comparatively bright room and still enjoy the view. However, we will like to warn you that you shouldn’t go overboard.

Hold on, that’s not where it ends. The monitor also comes with a stand to support it. The bad news is that this monitor cannot be mounted on any walls. Thus you need to find a desk or make some room on your table for this specific monitor. But on the bright side, it’s quite reasonable in size; hence it won’t take up too much space.

The Pros and Cons:

Things We Like
  • Thin display of the monitor
  • Fewer distractions on the monitor, e.g.- no stickers
  • Adjustable options for a smooth viewing experience
  • Allow screen partition to view more apps on a screen
Things We don't Like
  • Texts are too small when a smaller font size is used
  • The screen tends to fall out after a few months

Ending Words

Well, that wraps up HP 27es review. Now, we leave things in your capable hands to decide if it’s the right one for you or not. We certainly hope you’ll make the right choice. Now, if you do decide to buy this monitor, do leave us your review in the comment section. We would definitely love that. Anyway, goodbye, folks!

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