How to Connect an Xbox to Monitor or TV – Quick Ways

by M. Smith

Xbox is an exciting video gaming console device for the young generation. The device is only required to connect with TV or PC monitors. Then you can play any games on the monitor’s large screen. However, many users asked one common question “how to connect Xbox to monitor?”

If all the required tools like PC monitors or TVs are arranged perfectly, connecting Xbox is very simple. In this article, all the important areas are covered, including the connecting process and monitor requirement. So, be with us to have all the information.

What is an Xbox:

There are many gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox is one of them. You can use it on your PC monitors or TV. People ask, can I play Xbox on a computer monitor? Of course, you can do that. Today, I will tell you how to connect an Xbox to a PC monitor with an HDMI cable. Let’s start-

Xbox One S

What You Need To Connect Xbox Console?

What you will need depends on your monitor’s quality. If the monitor is old, it will require quite an arrangement. If it is new, you don’t have to add anything, most probably. However, anyone planning to buy a new monitor is luckier!

They will know what monitors should have to connect to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Then they are purchase monitors likewise. So before approaching how to connect Xbox to monitor, make sure the settings below:

HDMI Port:

The most important standard to maintain before running an Xbox device is the HDMI port. Modern monitors have HDMI settings. But the old monitor design may not have an HDMI port. So, make sure your monitor has these features.

On the other hand, you can also purchase a converter to convert DVI to HDMI. The converter doesn’t spend much money. If you want to connect the Xbox to your old monitor, using a converter should be fine.

Good Monitor:

Resolution is another essential fact to maintain. Xbox runs on good resolution monitors. Check your TV manual, whether it is HD quality 4k Ultra or not. The resolution has to be a minimum of 720P. It is better to have 1920x1080p for good quality.

Sound bar:

Arranging a speaker is a vital issue. Unfortunately, the monitors don’t come with speakers usually. So, you have to pay attention to this factor carefully. It is better to buy an additional speaker for clear sound; one must need an extra speaker for a PC monitor.

How to Connect an Xbox to Monitor:

Well, the method of connecting Xbox is simple and applicable for both PC monitors. After the successful arrangement of necessary tools, one can proceed to the next step. So, have a look at the procedure below:

  • Unbox your Xbox one console video game. HDMI cable should be provided with the pack. Hopefully, your monitors are all set up correctly.
how to connect Xbox with HDMI
  • Then take the HDMI cable and connect one end of the cable to the monitors. Then the other end to the Xbox console.
  • Now, turn it on, and it should work immediately.

But monitors need to change the settings to work most of the time. So, one should know how to change the settings of monitors. If you see that your display is not working or Xbox One S isn’t outputting 4K to your monitor, you need to do some settings on your console.

Go to the Xbox Settings panel. It’s on the right side.

how to connect an Xbox

You will see All Settings. Click on it.

Xbox video setting

Now, select the display & Sound option from the setting menu. Here, you can update your Video Output setting quickly. (Read the manual that comes with the Xbox one. Almost any solution as instructed.)

Usually, monitors do not show new output because of not switching resolution. However, we have concluded this solution here for our users too. Have a look at them below:

  • By the way, the console panel should work right away after connecting Xbox one to the monitors.
  • Then, you can go to settings and other options through the console panel.
  • Now go to the settings from the monitors on the left side.
  • Select display and sound from the menu.
  • You will be shown three options: Volume, Video output, Audio output. Click on Video output.
  • Here, the resolution rate will be showing. Choose the highest resolution to make the Xbox work.
  • If your sound is not working, click on the sound option to make the speaker work.
  • There are some other options: color, size, depth of video. The video quality depends on that. So, you can select the right option to make your game more enjoyable.
  • That’s it!. You have successfully connected the Xbox one to your monitor.

If you don’t have PC monitors and want to buy a new one, please read this gaming monitor buying guides.

How to Connect an Xbox to TV –  Easy Ways:

If you want to use your TV to play video games via Xbox 360, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Ensure that both devices have power. If not, plug them into an outlet and press their front panel “power buttons” once to put them in standby mode.
  • Step 2: Connect the Xbox’s AV cable. This is a large, flat connector that plugs into the back of the Xbox, just above the “power” button. The Xbox 360 AV cable can be used for composite video or S-Video by using the switch underneath the connector itself.
  • Step 3: Connect your Xbox 360 power supply. Plug one end into a power outlet and connect the other end to the back of the console directly above the AV connection. Do not connect your Xbox without either component – this may cause damage to both components as well as void any warranty on your Xbox!
  • Step 4: Connect your controller by pressing down on the “sync” button located on the top of it until all four LED’s blink simultaneously. You can then connect it to any available input on your television – usually found in channels 3 or 4.
  • Step 5: Turn your TV on and turn the Xbox on by pressing the button found where you connect the power supply. Your TV should show images from the Xbox after it has fully booted up. If this does not happen, try changing your TV’s input or source selector until an image appears onscreen.

There is also another method which can connect Xbox 360 to tv:

  1. Connect Xbox power cord (make sure both devices have power).
  2. Connect one end of HDMI cable connect with output port connect to input port connect with HDMI cable connect to input port connect with Xbox.
  3. Now connect the audio out to headphone jack on tv or stereo system connect video cable connect with av cable connect to output port connect with av cable connect to input port connect with Xbox.
  4. Turn on the tv and switch your TV’s source selector while holding down the Xbox button on the front of the console. The startup screen will come up.

How to Play Xbox Game on Xbox 360?

Xbox one comes with many more features now! It has extended its advantages for users. Now players can have exciting games to download and play online. One needs only an internet connection to access Microsoft stores. With your Xbox one, you can access an online gaming platform. Xbox 360 new additions also have access to online sites, but the old version may not work.

One thing you have to do is buy a subscription from the Microsoft gaming store. Many websites may let you play free games, but it is better not to use unknown website games. Microsoft provides weekly, monthly, or yearly membership exchanges of small amounts.

Moreover, it offers discounts, sales and many more. Free games are offered many times. The important thing is, you can complain if you have any issues regarding subscriptions. They will short out. But this kind of benefit won’t be expected from third-party websites. Besides, it is safe to use. Now have a look at the process of playing online games:

  • The updated version of all Xbox one comes with WiFi built-in. Then simply connect to your WiFi network. If you don’t have WiFi, connect with a cable to a modem or WiFi router. That also works!
  • Then buy which game you want to play. Many games cannot be played online. But most of the games are designed like this.
  • Then click the particular game and start enjoying it.

Furthermore, you can also play the Overwatch, Pubg and more action video games but you must have a good quality monitor. One interesting thing is multiple players now play online games. Most of them are shooting games. You can video chat and audio chat. But it’s up to you how you want to play. You can chat off while playing and can play alone.

People Also Asked (FAQ):

Can you play Xbox on a computer monitor?

Yes, you can play an Xbox on your computer monitor, but there are some requirements. For example, if your monitor comes with an HDMI input, you can easily use an HDMI cable to connect Xbox to your monitors easily. We already discussed details on how to connect an Xbox to a PC monitor.

Is a monitor better than a TV for Xbox?

A monitor is better than a TV for gaming because a monitor comes with high resolution, an excellent refresh rate, and a good response time. Also, monitors are an amazing bang for your buck if you like to play video games on PC and gaming consoles.


That’s all we can say regarding how to connect Xbox to Monitor. It is way easier and hassles-free. This is because people are more involved in video games and the Xbox One. The owners of the games also bring new features to the market. So, hopefully, that might be helpful for interested gamers. And they might use them the right way and safely.

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