How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor with HDMI

by M. Smith

Do you want to learn how to connect Xbox 360 to PC monitor with HDMI to make your gaming experience most exciting, I will tell you the way.

If you newly bought an Xbox 360 console to enjoy video streaming and gaming, you did a great thing. However, as a newbie with Xbox consoles, you may not understand the ports and cables.

Besides, connecting Xbox 360 to your PC monitor will seem quite confusing, but no worries as I guide you. Further, if you are wondering that connecting Xbox 360 to a monitor is expensive, the answer is not at all.

Thus, let me acknowledge you with how to set up Xbox 360 to PC monitor using HDMI cable.

how to connect Xbox 360 to computer monitor

What Is Xbox 360 Gaming Console & How Does It Operate?

Xbox is just a gaming board with an audio and video interface. This amazing game streaming console is developed by Microsoft along with other gaming consoles.

Xbox 360 is the second-generation release of Microsoft. This one easily gained the place of the best-selling and the most famous Xbox online video game.

Therefore, this console consists of many individual video games. Moreover, one can easily play those games directly using the console and the controllers.

The Xbox 360 controller consisting 12 buttons and sensors to turn one’s game streaming experience even more iconic. Further, the accessibility function of the buttons with digital and analogy features, pressure sensors, mapping controls, calibrating detectors made the gaming cooler.

Besides, the best accessibility of the Xbox 360 console and controller is that you can connect it with bigger screen monitors like PC, laptops, or TVs. With this feature, the game streaming becomes even more remarkable as you avail the best video-audio output of the game you’re playing.

How to Connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor with HDMI – Easy Ways

The first thing you need to do is check whether your PC monitor has at least one of the VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports.

If yes, only then you can proceed to the process of connecting Xbox 360 to the PC monitor with the HDMI cable. Therefore, the connection with HDMI cable will avail both digital video and audio availability.

Afterward, it is time for you to get ready to hook up Xbox 360 with the monitor (you can use a 21.5 inches to 120hz gaming monitor). However, before that, make sure you have certain things you’ll require in the process.

xbox 360 to computer monitor

Essential Things You Need While Connecting Xbox 360 to Monitor:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Xbox 360 Video Gaming Console
  • RCA 3.5mm Male to Stereo Female Audio Video Extension
  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Cable
  • Xbox 360 High-Definition AV Adapter (if HDMI port isn’t present in the monitor)
  • VGA HD AV cable (in case both HDMI and component port isn’t available in the monitor)

Since we are going all out with the ways to connect Xbox 360 to PC Monitor prepare with these. Just get the cables you will only require according to your monitor ports.

Guidelines to Connect Xbox to Monitor Using HDMI!

In case your monitor has HDMI ports and speakers (internal or external), here are the steps to follow-

  1. Attach the HDMI cable into the Xbox console’s HDMI port.
  2. Then attach the other side of the adapter to the input port of HDMI in the monitor.
  3. After that, turn on the monitor and the Xbox to inspect the video and audio configuration. If the audio is external use a Bluetooth connection to get sound from the console.

If your PC monitor doesn’t have an HDMI adapter port, go down for more.

Connect Xbox 360 to Monitor with Component HD AV Adapter!

In the past, the component HD AV cable came in for free with the console bundles. Moreover, you can use it on both TVs and PC monitors.

how to hook up xbox 360 to computer monitor

So, the way to connect Xbox 360 to monitor using HD AV cable is-

  1. First, switch to set HDTV on the AV component connector for your PC monitor.
  2. Then screw in the connectors on the HD AV cable to the corresponding input ports (colored). In case the HD AV adapter has RCA composite yellow connector, don’t fret with it leave it unscrewed.
  3. Now, plug the other end of the HD AV cable connector to the component port of the console.
  4. Check by switching on the console, the Xbox, and the speaker, it will work.

Last but not least method of hooking up Xbox 360 console to PC monitor using VGA HD AV cable.

Hook Up Xbox 360 to PC Monitor with VGA HD AV Cable!

If the PC monitor neither has HDMI or component port, go for the VGA port connection. Even if the VGA port is not on the monitor simply get an adapter for that.

xbox360 hook up

Thereby, the guideline to set up Xbox 360 to monitor via VGA HD AV cable follows-

  1. Plugin the AV adapter on the VGA adapter and then to the AV connector port of the console.
  2. Afterward, attach the VGA connector to the VGA adapter and then to the VGA port on the PC monitor.
  3. Now plug the white and red audio stereo (RCA Female to Male) with the VGA cable into the audio port of the PC monitor.
  4. Now, start the monitor, speaker, and console to start gaming.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy the best HD video and sound quality while playing video games, make sure your monitor comes with HDMI ports. And just simply utilize the method of how to connect Xbox 360 to PC monitor with HDMI cable for results.

However, as older monitors avail of DVI or VGA and for that, we also provided other methods to help you out. So, instead, just follow the additional instructions of how to hook up Xbox 360 to PC monitor using VGA HD AV or component HD AV cables.

Lastly, follow the guidelines properly to experience quality video game streaming.

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