Best Monitors For WoW (World of Warcraft) [2021]

by M. Smith

“World of Warcraft” is no ordinary game. You’ll need to think quickly and move. Otherwise, the enemies might catch up to you. As if that’s not enough, you’ll need to analyze and fight at the same time.

So, we get it; you’re looking for a powerful monitor with settings you can tweak. Well, you’re in luck as we’ve researched for a while and brought out the best monitors for wow (World of Warcraft) in this guide.

And we haven’t stopped there. We’ve moved forward and discussed what factors do these monitors need in order to show optimum performance. In the end, we’ve discussed some key questions that you might encounter.

Sounds enticing? Let’s not waste time then-

Top 7 Best Monitors For WoW

If you love to play World of Warcraft and look for the best monitors, you may see it here. Because we researched and picked these monitors only for playing Wow.

#1 LG UltraGear 27GN750-B

best monitors for World of Warcraft


  • Screen Size: 27″ Full HD
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DP, Audio out

Let’s introduce you to an absolute beast of a monitor-LG 27GN750-B. For playing high-responsive games like World of Worldcraft (WOW), you’ll need a better display for sure. But, you’ll also require a high-performance monitor by all means.

If that’s your metric of choice, then this monitor from LG will be your favorite. Well, why shouldn’t it be? It has impressive numbers like a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Plus, it comes with a 27-inch 1080p resolution display too. So, let’s take the standout features of this monitor in details-

By now, we’ve mentioned the incredible 240Hz refresh rate. But what does it do? Here, the higher refresh rate ensures that you won’t have problems seeing the opponents. This is because the rendering of objects is more clear. As a result, you’ll have smoother gameplay all the time.

And, if that doesn’t satisfy you, then the monitor comes with a 1ms response time as well. What this does is reduces gaming lags quite heavily. Plus, it’ll even ensure that you won’t have problems with any sort of motion blurs whatsoever.

Along with the refresh rate and response time, the monitor comes with NVIDIA Gsync compatibility. By adding this feature, you’ll get an even stronger performance. It usually provides the option of having a world of Warcraft screen tearing free gaming experience. So, it all adds up to the incredible performance.

Now, let’s talk about the display of this monitor. Here, the 27-inch 1080p resolution display provides vibrant colors all the time. Plus, the IPS panels add up to the bright color production of the display. Adding to that is the sRGB 99%, which contributes to the accurate color production as well. So, not only will you receive vibrant colors, but you’ll also get accurate and detailed colors at the same time.

What benefits does it have on the WOW game? Well, it’ll ensure that you can catch all the minor details in the game easily. Plus, watching the movements of the enemies won’t be much of an issue. In addition to this, the monitor comes with HDR10 compatibility. So, you won’t have problems finding the clarity and depth in images and content. These benefits will help you gain a competitive advantage easily.

Speaking of gaining a gaming advantage, you’ll get it from the BlackStabilizer feature as well. Here, this feature helps at achieving an enhanced and detailed vision in the dark. With this feature, you can easily see that opponent in the dark that’ll provide an advantage.

The CrossHair features work at improving and increasing the accuracy in games. As a result, you can aim clearly due to the enhanced vision. In the end, this monitor is great if you’re really into competitive gaming. It’s just that, it comes with notable benefits that’ll help you take your gaming to the next level.

  • Provides a smooth rendering of objects.
  • Ensures detailed and crisp image production.
  • IPS panels provide vibrant colors all the time.
  • Helps at improving the vision.
  • Doesn’t contribute to game lags.
  • Doesn’t come with built-in speakers.
  • The stand needs improvement as it doesn’t swivel.

#2 Alienware AW3420DW Curved Monitor

wow on ultra-wide monitor


  • Screen Size: 34″ WQHD
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Response time: 2ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 21: 9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution:  3440 x 1440p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DP, Audio out

Say hello to the largest monitor on our list- Alienware AW3420DW. If you’re into large-screen monitors, you’ll love this one. Here, the huge 34-inch display comes with a 1900R curve in it.

Adding to this curved design is the 21:9 aspect ratio. As a result, you can easily view more, and the curved design maximizes the option of having a wider view. And, in gaming, this helps quite a lot. Especially, you’ll be able to bring in more content. So, the monitor provides an immersive gaming and viewing experience due to this large curved display.

Now, let’s move on to another standout feature of the screen- resolution. And, you’ll love the 4K resolution of this monitor. Here, the enhanced resolution of the monitor ensures that you’ll be able to see clear and bright images at the same time.  We’re not done talking about the screen.

Here, it comes with IPS panels that add more vibrant colors than usual. Plus, it exceeds the sRGB spectrum as well. And, to make things even better, the anti-glare coating protects the eyes from strain. So, this screen of the monitor itself provides a lot of help when you’re doing competitive gaming. Even if that doesn’t impress you, the sheer performance of the monitor will.

Mainly, the 120Hz refresh rate provides a smooth yet realistic gaming experience. It’ll ensure butter-smooth gaming almost all the time while you’re at it.  In the performance sector, we have an incredible 2ms response time. With the help of this lower response time, you won’t have to deal with image stutter and lag anytime. It will even help at ensuring smooth gameplay always.

Also, the monitor combines the NVIDIA G-sync with the refresh rate. The two combine in providing one of the best gaming experiences in a wow ultrawide monitor. Speaking of the G-sync, it works at synchronizing the GPU. By doing this, it can portray full frames when needed only. As a result, the distortion in graphics is reduced to some extent.

In the end, you’ll get HDMI, USB, and DisplayPorts for connecting various devices. And, it can even be mounted easily on a VESA mount that saves up space. Plus, it provides an even cleaner sleek look. So, you’ll be able to play wow on ultra-wide monitor when you choose this one. And, the added benefits make the overall experience worth it.

  • Anti-glare coating in the screen protects the eyes from strain.
  • Comes with a stylish curved design.
  • The wider aspect ratio brings in a bit more content.
  • Provides smooth gameplay without lags.
  • Reduces image stutter and screen-tearing.
  • Doesn’t have optimum brightness.




  • Screen Size: 27″ QHD
  • Refresh rate: 170Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DP, Audio out

When it comes to ensuring high-performance, this monitor goes the extra yard. With high-end features like 170Hz refresh time and a 1ms response time, you won’t have problems with speed and game lags. So, presenting to you the 27-inch beast -VG27AQL1A from Asus. But, this monitor isn’t about high performance only. It has one of the best resolutions for wow gaming.

That said, let’s take a look at that display. Well, unlike the previous product, this one comes with a flatter design. And, the 27-inch screen size is quite capable of ensuring a better gaming experience. Plus, you can watch content too. Hence, the performance factor is also another reason for us to recommend this monitor over others.

Here, the 2560 x 1440p resolution ensures accurate yet vibrant colors all the time. So, when it comes to WoW gaming, you can easily pick up details in the game. This does provide an added advantage over others. Hence, it’s quite suitable for competitive gaming.

It’s capable of providing High Dynamic Range support too. This feature puts in that added kick to the overall clarity production in the monitor. Besides, it ensures better color accuracy due to the professional color gamut. But, what about the darker areas? Well, you’ll have an added advantage there as well due to the ShadowBoost feature. Due to this feature, the darker areas of the game can be exposed without overexposing the brighter areas by any means.

So, you’ll love to play games for a long time because of the fantastic display. And, the monitor protects the eyes from fatigue right here with the “Asus Eye Care technology“. Here, the technology ensures low-flicker screens and the reduction of the blue light. So, your eyes will thank you.

This monitor is all about higher performance. It’s due to the amazing 170Hz refresh rate. So, with this refresh rate, you’ll get smooth gameplay. And, the lower 1ms response time ensures you won’t have gaming lags. Furthermore, Gsync compatibility ensures you won’t have screen tearing or image ghosting in any way possible.

Lastly, when it comes to connectivity, this monitor allows you to get the upper hand as well. With 2 HDMI ports and DisplayPorts, you won’t have trouble connecting your favorite devices to this monitor.

  • Provides faster and smooth gaming experience.
  • Can easily connect other devices to the monitor.
  • Reduces image ghosting and screen tearing.
  • Darker areas get exposed without overexposing bright areas.
  • Provides an accurate color performance.
  • HDR support needs improvement as it can’t go above 400nits.

 #4 Dell S-Series (S2719DGF)

wow 144hz


  • Screen Size: 27″ QHD
  • Refresh rate: 155Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DP, Audio out

We’re not done with showing powerful monitors in the list. Up next, we have the Dell S-Series S2719DGF. Let me tell you something; this monitor helps at taking your gaming to the next level. When it comes to ensuring smooth WOW gameplay, you won’t have any problems choosing this one. But how? – you may ask?

Well, based on performance, it comes with a 155Hz refresh rate. So, it makes the overall experience feel smooth and crisp. Also, it has a response time of 1ms. This cuts down motion blurs and gaming lags. With a 155hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, you can play any latest video games smoothly.

Let’s move on to the display of this monitor. After all, you’re going to spend all of your time staring at it. It comes with a 27-inch 1440p resolution display. So, not only is this display large enough, but it also does a vibrant image production. As if that’s not enough, it even has AMD FreeSync to ensure smoothened visuals and viewing.

Other than that, the monitor works at fixing viewing issues. But how? Well, with height adjustability and tilt, you can fix and change your viewing position frequently. This means you won’t be able to put pressure on one individual position. And, it’ll cut off all sorts of discomforts.

As this monitor was targeted at gamers, you can customize and adapt to the gaming profiles. Hence, it provides added convenience as well. Lastly, it has options for connectivity. So, you can connect other devices easily with HDMI, USB, and DisplayPorts.

  • Provides easy connectivity options.
  • Produces vibrant and crisp images.
  • Cuts off motion blur and gaming lags.
  • Allows change in viewing position to decrease discomfort.
  • Changing different menu settings is a bit confusing.

#5 AOC CQ27G2

world of Warcraft screen tearing


  • Screen Size: 27″ QHD
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, Audio out

Curve monitors are loved and favored by many. However, there are mixed reactions to this as well. Some prefer flatter conventional design, whereas others love the curved design. But, one thing curved monitors show is the sleek and modern design. And, if you’re a fan of these monitors, you’ll love the AOC CQ27G2.

Now, let’s talk about design. The curved design is accommodated with the thin bezel-less design as well. This combination makes the monitor stand out in terms of design and style. Besides, the 27-inch display combined with a 1500R curve makes the monitor have greater aesthetics at first glance. Also, the design looks quite appealing to the eyes.

And, the monitor can hold the color production in 120% area. So, it doesn’t allow color bleeding. Other than that, the 1440p resolution of the display ensures that you can get crisp and smooth images all the time. So, viewing content and gaming is simple and easy.

AOC CQ27G2 has high-end performance features like the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. So, it has the ability to portray smooth gameplay without lags. Added to this is the FreeSync feature. By using this feature, you can boost up the performance a bit further. And, the overall benefit is having a smooth gaming experience.

Finally, this monitor comes with HDMI, DisplayPort connections. Also, there are audio output system and USB ports. So, you can use headphone while gaming. Moreover, the manufacture offers 3-year zero dead advance replacement and 1-year accidental damage coverage.

  • VA panels provide bright images.
  • Has a great curved design.
  • Doesn’t have any distractions due to the thinner bezels.
  • Produces fast gameplay without lags.
  • On-screen controls aren’t placed at a convenient location.

#6 Acer SB270 Bbix

best monitor for wow


  • Screen Size: 27″ FHD
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, Audio out

Welcoming another 27-inch monitor on our list- Acer SB270 Bix. It’s a budget monitor for gaming. If you love a frameless design, you’ll favor this one over others. Some features are available in this monitor, which cannot be found on low-priced monitors (especially under $200).

The monitor comes in an almost frameless design due to the thinner bezels. So, the screen doesn’t have any distractions, and you can game quite easily. Another benefit of not having thicker bezels is allowing more content. And, the overall screen-body ratio makes the monitor look even classy.

As we’re on the topic of the screen, let’s discuss it a bit more. Here, the screen comes in a 1080p resolution. Hence, the overall color production and images are great. And, the IPS panels present in the screen work at providing brighter images than usual. This means, when you’re gaming, you’ll be able to pick in details quite easily.

Let’s talk about the gaming performance of this monitor. With a 75Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, you’ll get smooth and responsive gameplay on almost all high-end games. Even though the 75Hz refresh rate isn’t the highest in the list, it’ll still do the job quite nicely when playing WoW. In fact, the monitor does motion rendering so smoothly that you won’t have to deal with any sort of lags.

Also, the monitor is able to maintain colors up to 178degree angles. As a result, viewing content is much easier. On the other hand, the VisionCare technology of Acer maximizes viewing comfort without putting a strain on the eyes. So, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without any worries.

  • Produces brighter and vibrant images.
  • Protects the eyes from strain.
  • Maximizes viewing comfort.
  • The frameless design doesn’t cause distractions.
  • Lacks in clarity when areas get brightened.

#7 SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 (LC32G55TQWNXZA)

wow ultrawide


  • Screen Size: 32″ QHD
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DP, Audio out

Ending the list with our second largest monitor in the list. The 32-inch gaming monitor from Samsung has one of the best displays in the market. Then again, Samsung is known to provide the best viewing experience. And, all of their products have amazing displays. Well, you’ll be glad to know that this particular one doesn’t deviate from the professional display standard.

So, it comes with a 1440p resolution that provides bright and colorful images all the time. Due to this monitor packing 1.7 times the pixel density of HD, you’ll get pin-sharp and crisp images. Thus, you’ll get bright and detailed photos at the same time.

On top of all this, with HDR10 support, it can even provide the most realistic images quite clearly. So, it does hold up darker areas well and doesn’t overexpose the brighter areas. As a result, you will get amazing gaming performance because of realistic and clear pictures.

Now, the display sits on the huge 32-inch screen. And, the best part about this screen is the 1000R curve. Here, the 1000R curve isn’t too curvy, and neither is it too flat. So, it has a sleek yet simple appearance. And, the curvature helps minimize eye strains and maintaining a maximum bit of immersion. So, it provides a comfortable viewing experience.

Now, to talk about the overall performance, it comes with a 144Hz refresh rate that makes the overall gaming experience feel smooth. And, the 1ms response time helps at reducing game lags to a greater extent.

  • Reduces screen tearing and game lags.
  • Ensures a smooth gaming experience.
  • Has an amazing 1000R curve display.
  • Produces detailed and bright images.
  • Maximizes viewing comfort.
  • The stand doesn’t have height adjustment.

How Important Is Monitor Size, Resolution & Response Time for Wow?

Well, monitor size, resolution, and response time are the main three aspects of a gaming monitor. It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your budget is, not ensuring these factors will put in a bother. So, without any further ado, let’s look into these factors in-details:

Monitor Size

Size matters! Hence, if you’re going for competitive gaming, choosing the right monitor size is quite important. When going for gaming monitors, select the monitor sizes from 24-32 inches. Here, going for a larger-sized monitor will provide more content than the regular-sized ones.

Normally, larger-sized monitors are 32-inches. So, you’ll get a bit more out of your gaming sessions with these monitors. However, getting a 24-inch monitor doesn’t mean that you’ll get less content in any sense.

Apart from this, the monitors need to have the right set of balance between the resolution and screen size. A 1080p resolution is fair enough for the 24-inch monitors. However, it’s better to settle for a 4K resolution when looking at 32-inch monitors.


We’ve already given a bit of insight into the resolution and screen size. So, what’s all the chatter about resolution? Well, having a 1080p resolution in your monitor’s display means that you’ll get to see bright and clear images always.

Other than having bright images, 1080p resolution is the most supported resolution throughout. In fact, gaming and software developers cater their services with respect to this 1080p resolution.

But, if you’re looking for an upgrade, choosing 4K resolution won’t put you in any harm. As a matter of fact, this resolution will provide even more clarity to the images. So, you can see more details in the picture.

Response Time

Generally, the response time is the time taken for the monitor to shift one color to the other. It’s normally measured in milliseconds. Basically, a monitor’s response time will determine whether it’ll cut down motion blurs and eliminate a bit of ghosting. But, there’s a bit of an issue here-

Having a lower response time will do the trick when gaming. Here, the gaming monitors with lower response time would ensure smooth gameplay without any lags. Even though monitors with a 10ms response rate would do fine, having less than 5ms is better when playing high-response games.

In fact, the lower the response time, the better gameplay you’ll receive.

People Also Asked (FAQs):

Does WoW support 144hz?

Yes, WoW does support 144hz. In fact, 144hz provides an excellent gaming experience for WoW. Hence, wow 144hz monitors have been a thing for quite some time now.

Does WoW support ultrawide monitors?

Yes, WoW supports the ultrawide monitors. Here, the game scales are handled quite well by the game without much of a problem. And, the game allows transparent viewing to view the maps clearly.

How can I play WoW on 2 monitors?

It’s possible to play WoW on two monitors. However, before starting that, you’ll need to launch .ahk scripts. After you’re done, follow the steps- first launch in .ahk scripts. Here, you can create them or download them. Once you’re done, launch in the WoW game. Then, you’ll need to hold in the Windows key and click left on the WoW window. And, by doing this, you’ll maximize the window of the game and fill in 1.5 monitor’s space. Whenever the game’s window has the right focus, hold in the Windows Key and simultaneously hit in Space bar as well.

Does FPS matter in WoW?

Yes, FPS matters in WoW. Even though the FPS differences are quite subtle, you’ll still be able to notice them clearly. So, if you’re going for competitive gaming, then going for 90-144 FPS would do fine. But, getting 60-90 FPS doesn’t mean you won’t get smooth gameplay.

How can I increase my fps in WoW?

To increase FPS in WoW, you’ll need to update the drivers. Plus, you can disable the enhancement of Windows 10. And, you can even optimize the NVIDIA settings too.

Final Words:

That’s all in our bags for the review of best monitors for wow. By now, you’ve been introduced to about 7 different monitors. So, gathering this much information can easily allow you to pick up your favorite product.

And, we’ve even given ideas about the pre-buying process in the info segment. So, we believe that’ll help at boosting your confidence even more. Just remember to consider what you’ll need to consider the most. That’s it for now. Goodbye!

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