7 Best Monitors For Overwatch [2022]

by M. Smith

You teamed up with your mates and started to play Overwatch. What an exciting and intense moment! Enemies are roaming around you. You have no time to breathe in relief.

Suddenly, you spot the enemy, and when you are about to shoot, everything on the screen starts to look so blurry and vague! And the next thing you know, you’re shot dead.

Grrr…. What should you do to avoid such an interruption? Well, you should change your monitor immediately. Yes, and we’re going to help you to get the best monitors for Overwatch so that you can have an uninterrupted gaming adventure.

Let’s jump to the reviews as we’re talking about the top 7 gaming monitors.

What Makes a Monitor Good for Overwatch?

Well, this is a very important question that every Overwatch gamer probably asks. No worries, we’re going to mention some features below that literally makes a monitor good for Overwatch.

Max Refresh Rate:

The first and foremost feature that a good monitor must-have is a refresh rate of a minimum of 144 fps and a maximum of 240 FPS in a preferred way. During our analysis, we found out that every pro is using such a monitor. As a result, it is clear to understand that this type of monitor certainly offers a pack of advantages.

Typical monitors usually refresh the image at the rate of 60 times per second, which is good for stuff like watching movies. But if you’re playing a fast-paced game like Overwatch, the typical monitors won’t make it to the top.

That’s why you need a monitor with a high refresh rate. You can make full use of the different abilities and projectiles utilized in the game.

IPS Display Panel:

Unlike older monitors with TN panels, which were prone to bad viewing angles, the IPS display panels are superior in every aspect. This is one of the most important requirements of pro-gamer for playing Overwatch as it offers multiple benefits.

Also, you need to understand some factors for buying a gaming monitor. So, simply understand that a high refresh rate and IPS panel can give you a buttery-smooth gaming experience.

Top 7 Best Monitors for Overwatch 2021

Everyone looks for a quality monitor for playing Overwatch. That’s why we only looked for monitors that the pro ones use, and experts recommend. Aside from the high refresh rate, we also dug deeper into each screen to look for other essential features. It took hours and hours, and finally, we picked out the top monitors for you.

#1 Asus VG278QR

best 144hz monitor overwatch


  • Screen Size: 27″ Full HD
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Response time: 0.5ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI

If you want the best overwatch monitor that is packed with useful features, then you should try out the VG278QR gaming monitor from ASUS. Now, this brand is known for its built quality and performance throughout the world to the gamers and normal users as well.

With this 27-inch monitor, you’ll get a triple-axis stand along with a slider to adjust its height. Aside from that, it offers a full HD 1920 x 1080 display so that you can get a crystal clear view. Apart from playing games, you can also use this in your other projects in graphics studio or anywhere else.

Plus, it shows off an impressive 165Hz refresh rate that couple up with adaptive FreeSync to keep the framerates as smooth as possible. Besides, it has a speedy 0.5ms response time that is compatible with G-sync. All of them equals to one thing that you will get an immersive gaming experience.

Since this monitor is so awesome, it’s obvious that you’re going to spend a hell of a time playing the game. But are you worried about eye fatigue? Well, with this VG278QR from ASUS, you’re going to get less irritation and eye strain, thanks to its Eye Care technology.

Besides, it boasts ELMB, which stands for extreme low motion blur technology. Well, it will minimize the ghosting as well as the motion blur only to provide you with smooth gaming experience. Moreover, you won’t need external speakers for sound, since it incorporates 2W stereo speakers. As such, it offers 1 DisplayPort, 4 Dual-link, and 2 HDMI connectivity options to serve you more convenience.

  • G-SYNC compatible technology.
  • Great designed and wall-mountable.
  • Flexible connectivity options.
  • 0.5 ms response rate.
  • Eye Care technology.
  • Only one HDMI and one VGA port
  • The price is too high.

#2 BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P

overwatch refresh rate


  • Screen Size: 24″ Full HD
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI-DL

Competitive gamers like you need the best 144hz monitor Overwatch. Well, then which can be better than the Zowie XL2411P from BenQ. It’s a 144Hz monitor solely designed for gamers offering brilliant pixel density. It also comes with a reasonable price tag too.

Well, this monitor has a 24-inch display that comes with an FHD resolution of 1920×1080p, which is fairly good enough. You’ll feel magnificently great while playing Sim Racing, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and more games on such a full HD display. It will provide you with the optimal gaming experience.

Do you know what truly excels the Zowie XL2411P from BenQ? It’s the gaming performance. You’ll be amazed to know that it offers an input lag of 4 ms with a quick response rate of 1 ms. In simple words, you’re going to experience a smooth, responsive, and enchanting Overwatch playing experience.

To top it off, it offers a 144Hz flash speed refresh rate to make the smoothness more fluid. Aside from that, you won’t see any kind of ghosting or trailing of quick-moving objects. That’s true; even on high frame rates, you’re going to taste pro gameplay.

Plus, the XL2411P boasts a marvelous feature named Black eQualizer. Basically, it will help you to spot enemies in darker scenes by increasing visibility in the low-light environment in the game. So, you will get the extra advantage on the battlefield.

Besides, a comfortable viewing angle is eminent when it comes to playing Overwatch. Also, you’re going to get a comfy view with its height adjustment feature. Thanks to its adjustable stand, you can fine-tune it with the touch of your finger at ease. Moreover, you can also think about BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 if you like BenQ and have more budget.

  • Excellent design and lightweight.
  • Outstanding low input lag.
  • Customized game modes.
  • Black eQualizer technology.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Bad black uniformity.
    Sometimes image degrades at an angle.

#3 Sceptre C305B-200UN

overwatch league monitors


  • Screen Size: 30″ Curved
  • Refresh rate: 200Hz
  • Response time: 1ms (GtG)
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI

Overwatch refresh rate plays a very important role in providing the best gaming adventure. And with this curved gaming monitor from Sceptre, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the most out of the game. It comes with variable refresh rates along with other notable features.

This 32-inch gaming monitor comes with a VA panel to deliver brilliant viewing angles, sharper contrast ratios, and progressive refresh rates. As well, it provides 1080p resolution, which is good enough for enhanced preview. Well, all these privileges are only to give you maximum gaming fun.

Unlike others, this curved gaming monitor from Sceptre offers a 200Hz refresh rate, which is three times more speed. As a result, the frame transition happens instantly, without interrupting you with blurred images.

The most important aspect of it is that it incorporates HDMI 3 and 2 ports to perform impressively at a 144Hz refresh rate. As such, HDMI 1 delivers 165Hz and DisplayPort offers a staggering 185Hz just to give you brilliant visibility during gaming. Such versatility is quite rare to see in other monitors.

Besides, it boasts AMD FreeSync technology that accurately synchronizes the refresh rate and frame rate to remove screen tearing and stuttering. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless and smooth video. It’s your right to ask for the enhanced gaming experience, and the Sceptre understands that. That’s why it offers FPS and RTS custom display settings so that you can experience the most amazing in-game time.

With so many features, you’ll feel overwhelmed and might end up spending hours and hours playing Overwatch. Well, that might be harmful to your eyes. Yes, that’s true for other monitors, but not with this one as it offers a blue light shift that will protect your eyes from irritation, fatigue, etc.

  • Ultrawide curved monitor.
  • Fast response time.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.
  • FPS-RTS.
  • Blue light shift.
  • VA panel with low color accuracy.
  • Tilt-only stand.

#4 ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD

overwatch triple monitor


  • Screen Size: 24″ Full IPS
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response time: 14ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA

ViewSonic, as the name suggests, is really all about making quality displays like TV sets and monitors. And that includes some very cool gaming monitors that cater to a variety of price ranges. They have a budget range too for gamers who may not be able to afford the very best they have to offer, but still, want to play on some decent piece of tech.

Here comes the ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD with a 24 inches IPS budget gaming monitor. It’s an ultra-slim frameless design and premium IPS panel monitor. The is an HD 1920 x 1080 resolution screen with the best viewing experience you could demand from a 1080p display thanks to a 1000:1 static and 80M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16.7 M colors, 178 / 178 viewing angles and anti-glare coating.

The refresh rate of 75 Hz should also do the trick for most gamers in this price bracket. The picture quality for the price is unheard of today. The connectivity options offer a versatility you don’t find in many 1080 p monitors nowadays, with a 3.5 mm audio, a VGA, HDMI, and Display Port.

ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD can be safely recommended as a home monitor, including for games. It is also suitable for the office – the dimensions are optimal for 24 inches, the image quality is excellent, and after a busy working day, the eyes do not feel tired. In short, it is a rare case when the external design and internal content are worthy of each other.

This particular budget gaming monitor is pretty sleek in terms of design as well with an almost bezel-less outlook, weighing not more than 6.55 lbs with the stand, with tilt mode ergonomics, and a rather user-friendly OSD.

  • Ultra-slim panel with frameless design.
  • Great viewing angles.
  • Great refresh rate for a budget monitor.
  • Versatile connectivity options.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Poor pixel response time.
  • Needs better Adaptive Sync.

#5 Omen by HP FHD 25” Gaming Monitor

Omen by HP FHD


  • Screen Size: 24.5″ HD
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI

As a gaming enthusiast, all the things that you can expect from a monitor are loaded in the Omen from HP. It makes sure to provide an outstanding experience to the casual and best gamers. It has viewing angles of 170/160 degrees along with color support of dithered 8-bit.

Though the name mentions 25-inches, 24.5-inches is viewable. Another important aspect of this monitor is that despite having a TN panel, the color quality is remarkably good. Due to its 1920×1080 FHD resolution, you won’t face any problem while gaming.

As it stands, it comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is often recommended by the pro gamers to use for getting ultra-performance. As well, its 144Hz refresh rate works with a fast 1ms response rate to reduce input lag. Therefore, you won’t see any kind of motion blur or ghosting, which translates to more focus in the game.

On top of that, you will get five settings for response time in the OSD menu. The settings are from Level 1 to Level 5. To avoid overshoots, you should use level 3 or 4 for optimum results.

Although the Omen from HP lacks customizable crosshairs, it supports AMD FreeSync. This technology eliminates all sorts of stuttering and screen tearing to offer you a fascinating in-game experience. With this monitor, screen tears and input lag is ancient history.

Plus, it boasts a sleek design that is well made, which makes it suitable for implementing an overwatch triple monitor setup. Aside from that, you can tilt it by -5 to 23 degrees. Or you can mount it by utilizing its 100×100mm pattern, thanks for making it VESA compatible.

As far as the connectivity options are concerned, this monitor integrates 2 HDMI 1.4 ports, 1.2 Display Port, 3.0 hub Dual-USB and a headphone jack.

  • Curved screen for more immersion.
  • High contrast levels for more detail.
  • Versatile connectivity.
  • Anti-glare panel system.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.
  • The price is high for performance.

#6 MSI Optix G27C2

overwatch 240hz


  • Screen Size: 24″ Full IPS
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms (GtG)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI

MSI gets to make an appearance in the list with MSI Optix G27C2 which has solidified its status as one of the best budget gaming monitors out there. A total beast in performance, MSI Optix G27C2 monitor has fully earned its top spot with the help of some outstanding features.

The 144 Hz refresh rate with 1 ms response time is some of its standout specs to name a few. The 27-inch display may be the biggest out there with this price. Also, the 1920 x 1080 resolution and 178 viewing angles, along with an 1800 R curvature, gives quite a comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

One of the best advantages is adaptive free sync which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering to deliver ultra-smooth, lag-free visuals for gaming. But to get adaptive sync capabilities, you must have a compatible AMD graphics card or not enjoy this feature.

The contrast levels are superb for a 3000:1 ratio which is capable of 100M:1 with DCR. Paired with 110% of the sRGB coverage and you’ve got some brilliant imagery for your viewing. The connectivity options are extensive as well, from HDMI 1.4 and DVI to Display Port (1.2), as well as an audio combo jack.

It’s easy to see the kind of deal you’re getting here for just $250. If you are looking for a budget curved gaming monitor, MSI Optix G27C2 will be the best choice that delivers immersive gameplay with MSI Gaming OSD.

  • Excellent design and build quality.
  • Perfect monitor for gaming.
  • Anti-flicker technology.
  • Excellent refresh rate.
  • AMD FreeSync adaptive.
  • The price is little high.
  • Not as power efficient.

#7 Acer KG241Q Pbiip

Acer KG241Q


  • Screen Size: 27″ HD Curved
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080p
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI

Last but not least is the Acer KG241Q Pbiip monitor. It has a ZeroFrame design along with a chock full of features in order to give you a pleasurable gaming adventure. So, let’s dive deep to know more about the potentials of this monitor.

Acer KG241Q is a 23.6-inch viewable screen with a 1080p resolution that delivers proper pixel density. It consists of 93 pixels per inch, which means that you’re going to get very clear and sharp picture quality while gaming. It has a TN panel, which is quite a downside for this monitor because the color looks a little bit dull. However, in terms of price, the output is reasonably good.

Rather than beauty, this KG241Q Pbiip monitor mainly focuses on speed. That is why this monitor comes with 1 ms of response time along with a 144Hz refresh rate and a GtG. You can rest assured that this display is going to mesmerize your fast-paced gaming experience.

Interruption during fun time is extremely disturbing regardless of the game you’re playing. Well, that’s why it integrates AMD FreeSync technology to wipe out screen tearing issues so that you can have seamless gaming. Additionally, this screen boasts Black Boost technology to give you more details in the darkest environment. From now on, enemies can’t hide in the dark to avoid your eyes.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t only care about the technical performance; rather, it was built with a view to safeguarding you from any harm. Well, that’s the reason for AcerVision care that features BlueLightShield and Flickerless technology. They both mainly do the work of reducing your eye strain for prolonged use.

  • Great viewing angles.
  • Quite cheap for a quality gaming monitor.
  • The good number of connectivity options.
  • Physical adjustment options.
  • The multitude of operational features.
  • Absolutely internal speakers is useless.
  • Sometimes, Stand can stuck at a standard height.

Best Video Settings for Overwatch:

Playing serious games like Overwatch needs the best video settings; otherwise, you won’t get to feel the intense and suspense of it. At the time of adjusting the settings, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.


To get the level best from the game, set your monitor to the best and the refresh rate at maximum. Plus, make sure that you play on the full screen all the time. Therefore, go to the game setting and set the resolution, for example, to 1920×1080 and 144Hz refresh rate.

Aspect Ratio:

Look at the aspect ratio of your Overwatch 144hz monitor. Most of the pro users use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it normally doesn’t affect FPS. So, use the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Field of View:

It’s an essential thing during gaming. Because the higher the field of view, the wider vision you’ll get to your left and right. Basically, it is recommended to keep it on 103 while playing Overwatch to get the utmost experience.


It is going to minimize the lags along with the tearing of the screen in your game. However, use this option only when you face tearing of screen while you’re playing.

Graphics Quality:

If you have a good graphics card and a good monitor, you should set the graphics setting to its highest level. In that way, you’re going to get a fascinating in-game experience.

FPS Limit:

It is highly recommended to disable this option to play the game without any sort of issues.

So, to simply put things in words, you should buy a good monitor and a graphics card and follow the instruction mentioned above to run Overwatch properly.

If you have refresh rate issue and it s tuck at 60Hz but monitor has 144hz, you can follow these steps to solve it.

People Also Asked Questions (FAQ):

What monitors do pro Overwatch players use?

Pro Overwatch players mostly use monitors that have a high refresh rate, along with an aspect ratio of 16:9. These monitors also have a good resolution and AMD FreeSync technologies, quick response rate, and Eye Care technologies.

Should I get a 144hz monitor or 240hz?

Well, the higher the refresh rates, the better. However, if you’re pressed for budget or the PC you have doesn’t have the ability to push frames for an Overwatch 240hz screen, it is better to stick with a low refresh rate.

Is a 144hz monitor worth it for Overwatch?

If you’re a competitive gamer who looks for every possible advantage, then yes, 144hz monitor is worth it for Overwatch. You need to know that a higher refresh rate will give you a smooth and more enchanting gaming experience, even in story-driven games.


We’ve covered almost all the best monitors for Overwatch that you can find in the market. Now, it’s time you pick your preferable one, depending on your budget and PC. We hope that you’ll get your suitable ones in this article.

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